Patreon alternative, Content Creator / Monetisation Platform.

XPreemTM offers some of the lowest fees of 1-4%, Debit/Credit Card Payments, Direct Bank Deposits for payout & more!

Some of the features.

Debit/Credit Card Payments, Direct Bank Deposits for earnings.

Images & Video Posts

Images & Video Posts supporting all popular formats.

Audio / Podcasts

Audio & Podcast Posts are supported, again with generous storage limits + .zip Archives for other media.

Competitive Fees!

Our Fee structure is one of the lowest around, fees range between 1-4% so you keep more of your earnings.

Frequently asked questions.

You are new, what about traffic?

Indeed we are very new, as you will likely have a following on social media which you are wanting to monetise, this becomes a whole lot easier, once you have setup your profile, share the url with your followers, they will then be able to subscribe to you and save you a lot in fees in the process.

What about discoveribility?

We will soon enable the suggested profiles feature for accounts in good standing, this will benefit you by being suggested to users who are browsing and a little further down the road, your profiles will be pushed to social media to gain extra exposure.

How you you safeguard my data?

When we were designing this application, this point was the main building block, we take the best method approach and only obtain the least info from you, ALL financial & private info is stored by Stripe who are both highly trusted & PCI DSS compliant.

How quickly are accounts created?

This runs as a self service system, when you create your account as a content provider, you will have a payment account created for you in Stripe, you will need to verify your identity with them and once that is done, you are free to start earning, their process is a couple of minutes.

How can I make suggestions?

We welcome suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism, if you find something you think could be changed, create a support ticket and let us know, as our goal is to make this one of the best competing / alternative platforms to Patreon, we actively welcome your comments.

I have some other questions?

Be sure to have a look at the helpdesk, quite a few things will be clarified on there, whether that is what type of content is allowed, tips & tricks or other general site info, it will likely be in there, if something is asked enough, we will add it as an article in the helpdesk to assist other users..

A little about us

Welcome to, the premier monetisation platform for content creators. Whether you're a budding artist, a seasoned vlogger, or a podcast enthusiast, offers a suite of services tailored to your creative needs.

Our platform provides cutting-edge features including some of the lowest fees in the industry, secure image, video, audio & file hosting, seamless video streaming, and above all, a secure payment account provided by Stripe for you to manage your earnings.

At, we understand the passion and dedication you put into your content. That's why we are committed to providing you with highly reliable solutions, empowering you to showcase your creativity to the world.

Based in Wales, UK, our team is dedicated to your success, we are only as successful as our members!
We pride ourselves on delivering positive experiences that cater to the unique requirements of content creators like you. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust to be your partner in digital content delivery.

When you choose, you're not just getting a platform – you're joining a community of passionate creators. Our flexible and scalable solutions ensure that your content reaches your audience with maximum impact and minimal hassle.

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